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How to Compile From Source Code

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Sometimes you want to use the latest version of the code before it has been released, or maybe you want to make some changes to the application and contribute them back to the community. Here are some simple steps to compile the application.

1. Download the code

If you don't plan on making any changes, the easiest way to get the code is to click the download zip button on If you plan on making some changes and want them merged back into the main source code, you should branch the code into your own repository. Then download the code via Git Desktop, Git, or however else you manage your files.

2. Open the Solution

After you have the code open the solution (letsencrypt-win-simple.sln) in Visual Studio 2015 (the community edition is free).

3. Get Required NuGet Packages

The solution uses NuGet packages for its source libraries. You will need to download them. Go to Tools > NuGet Package manager > Manage NuGet Packages for Solution

Manage Packages

It will then tell you that there are packages missing. So click on the restore button.

Missing Packages

It will proceed to download and install the missing packages. This may take some time.

4. Build the Solution

Right click on the solutions and select Build Solution.


If it doesn't come up with any errors, you built the solution. You can find the files at letsencrypt-win-simple\bin\Debug. Now if you want to build a release version of it instead of a debug version. Just change the build type to Release in the solution configuration drop down and then build the solution. The code will be at the Release not the Debug folder.

Solution Configuration

Solution Configurations

  • Debug

The debug version of the code has some extra questions, so it asks if you want to install, generate, and create the scheduled task.

  • Release

the release version of the code always assumes yes for questions and won't ask before it installs, generates, and creates. The code is also optimized.

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