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Create issues

You need an icon for a specific file ending? No problem, just follow these guidelines:

  • describe the file ending (e.g. '.xml') and the language (e.g. XML)
  • show an example image of the icon or link to official website

Add new icons

  1. Create icon as SVG
  2. Copy icon to icons-folder
  3. Edit the icon configuration files under src/icons folder:
    • fileIcons.ts
    • folderIcons.ts
    • languageIcons.ts

Icon color

Choose your icon colors from the material design colors.

Free software to create/edit SVG icons

Use icons from here

  • Material Design Icons
    • download them as SVG and edit the icons e.g. with Inkscape
  • you can use any other source as long as the icons are free to use! This icon theme is absolutely non-commercial, but you should always check the license of your sources!

Add translations

  • Create or edit the translations in the src/i18n directory.
  • Create or edit the package.nls.*.json files in the root folder

Update API

  1. Install node dependencies with npm install
  2. Open project with VS Code
  3. Press F5 or run Launch Extension in the debug window
  4. Run tests with Launch Tests
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