Continuation of the tkMOO-light project for MacOSX and UNIX (ehm and Windows)
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This started out as just a hack to get the keyboard shortcuts to work, but has ended up as a major revision (for MacOSX)

  • removed backward compatibility... needs at least wish8.5
  • fixed Mac keyboard shortcuts
  • changed menus and keyboard shortcut behavior for fast MOO editting
  • added Automator MacApp installer

I must also add that I have never wasted as much time on such unreadable code in my life. Overloading menu creation code, hardcode entry labels, and no comments cost me a single solid day of headache. ARGH!


README for tkMOO-light

Please read the accompanying file 'LICENSE' for full license details.

Please read the accompanying file 'INSTALL.*' for details about how to install the client on your system. The INSTALL file is a plain-text file, you should be able to read it by opening it with any text-editor.

tkMOO-light is a new client which you can use to connect to MUDs and other chat sites. The program is written entirely in the Tcl programming language and may require a 'wish' interpreter which you can get hold of separately.

Further details, including getting hold of 'wish', can be found on the client's supporting web site at the URL:

The client is currently in a state of rapid development so keep checking back at the web site to be sure you have the latest version.


If you have any bug reports or suggestions for the client then fill out the 'bugmail.txt' file and send it in an email to:



The mailing list 'client-announce' is a low volume mailing list intended only as an alerting service to carry announcements of new versions of the MUD client 'tkMOO-light' and related bulletins.

To subscribe to 'client-announce' send an email message to:


with the following command in the body of your email message:

subscribe client-announce

Messages from this list carry the prefix '[CLIENT]' in the subject header. Only the moderator of this list may send messages to it, but if you have any comments or suggestions relating to tkMOO-light then you can send mail to

Cheers, Ay. Cell: 07889 61 61 44 Voice/Fax: +44 (0) 1865 513 091