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Prototyping tool for board game designers. Still under development.
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Protomorph BG

To compile a program, you need connect Flatbuffer library. You can do this by editing flatbuffers.pri file or add arguments to qmake

FLATBUFFERS_INCLUDE_DIR - directory where flatbuffers include files are located
FLATBUFFERS_LIB_DIR - directory where flatbuffers libs are located
FLATC_SCHEME_FILES - list of flatbuffers schema files used to generate headers



"Protomorph BG" is a tool, that will help board game designers to prototype games components(cards, tiles, boards etc.) and save them as a project. It will also have layouts mechanisms, to layout components for printing on standard paper formats and export entire project to PDF or other formats. Will be available for Windows/Linux/OSX (I hope :))


AppVeyor-CI: Build status

Travis-CI: Build Status

Coverity Scan Build Status: Coverity Scan Build Status

Third party dependencies

Next sources are used in the project:

  1. game-icons/icons - Game Icons.(Will be used in component editor and for application logo icon design)

  2. google/roboto - The Roboto family of fonts

  3. mitchcurtis/slate - Pixel Art Editor(Collapsible panels and color scheme used from this project)

Our support

UI/UX Designer - Anthony Hobday

Progress so far

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