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Website for the Arden2ByteCode project (Deprecated!)

Deprecated as the homepage is now hosted via GitHub Pages as a branch of the arden2bytecode repository.

Accessible here:


This repository contains the website for Arden2ByteCode, an Arden Syntax to Java Bytecode compiler available at .
The website is written in PHP and provides basic information about the project, associated downloads and source code repositories as well as responsible people.

The website repository has some submodules in order to include the recent GitHub documentation wiki files of Arden2ByteCode. Also, to format these wiki files as HTML, a Markdown parser and a Textile parser are imported.
Finally, the update site for the Eclipse Arden Syntax Editor feature is imported as a submodule.
Here is a list of the relative path/URL pairs:

Update Workflow

I issued all of the below commands via the Sourceforge SSH shell service. You must be member of the Arden2ByteCode Sourceforge project to be able to read and write to the directory /home/project-web/arden2bytecode/.

To deploy this website on the Sourceforge webspace, I first compiled a recent version of Git having submodule support using:

$ cd ~
$ wget<version>.tar.gz
$ tar -xzf git-<version>.tar.gz
$ cd git-<version>
$ make prefix=/home/project-web/arden2bytecode/git
$ make prefix=/home/project-web/arden2bytecode/git install

However, if the preinstalled Git supports submodules, it is not necessary to compile Git.

If this website repository has not been cloned yet, I do so by using:

$ cd /home/project-web/arden2bytecode
$ <git-binary> clone
$ cd arden2bytecode-homepage
$ <git-binary> submodule update --init

These commands also initialize the submodules.
Also, these commands are included in the update script of this website but are commented out.

To update to a recent version of the repository and all submodules, I use:

$ <git-binary> pull
$ <git-binary> submodule foreach <git-binary> pull origin master

Finally the website has to be copied to the htdocs directory but all .git subdirectories should be omitted. Also I clean the target directory first to wipe out old files:

$ rm -rf /home/project-web/arden2bytecode/htdocs
$ rsync -r --exclude='.git' /home/project-web/arden2bytecode/arden2bytecode-homepage/htdocs /home/project-web/arden2bytecode/

The above steps except for building Git are aggregated in the update script in the root of this Git repository.
For your convenience, you may create an alias pointing to /home/project-web/arden2bytecode/arden2bytecode-homepage/update in your .bash_profile.