An Eclipse Plugin which facilitates the editing of Arden Syntax Medical Logic Modules
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If you want to express your medical knowledge with Arden Syntax you can use Arden4Eclipse, an Arden Syntax Editor for the Eclipse IDE. It integrates Arden2ByteCode so Arden Syntax code can be easily written as well as executed.

Arden4Eclipse is made with the xText framework.


Check out for installation instructions, features and screenshots.

Project Structure

This repository contains multiple Eclipse plugin projects (plugin projects contain a MANIFEST.MF file).
Together they form two Eclipse features: An Xtext based editor for syntax highlighting, content-assist, etc. and an Arden2ByteCode integration, so MLMs can be run via the run button in Eclipse.

The projects contain the following:

├── arden.plugin.editor            # An xText based Arden Syntax parser and scoping/validation rules, etc.
├── arden.plugin.editor.tests      # Tests for the parser
├── arden.plugin.editor.ui         # The Eclipse editor UI and code for content-assist, code folding, outline, syntaxcoloring, etc.
├── arden.plugin.editor.feature    # A feature which includes the above parser and editor plugins    
├── arden.plugin.compiler          # A plugin wrapper for Arden2ByteCode
├── arden.plugin.compiler.launch   # The launch configuration to run/debug MLMs in Eclipse
├── arden.plugin.compiler.feature  # A feature which includes above compiler plugins
└── arden.plugin.update-site       # Allows the generation of an update-site, from which eclipse can download/update both features.


  1. To build Arden4Eclipse you need to have an Eclipse installation with the following tools:
  2. Import all projects and then generate the parser and xtext language artifacts by right-clicking on arden.plugin.editor/.../ArdenSyntax.xtext and selecting Run AsGenerate Xtext Artifacts
  3. For the Arden2ByteCode integration, you need to place a arden2bytecode.jar into the arden.plugin.compiler project. You can get the newest release here.

To run Arden4Eclipse in a new Eclipse runtime: right-click on a project and select Run AsEclipse Application

To generate an update-site open arden.plugin.update-site/site.xml and click Build All.