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RLBox sandboxing framework. This code has been tested on 64-bit versions of Linux, Mac OSX, and Windows.

Reporting security bugs

If you find a security bug, please do not create a public issue. Instead, file a security bug on bugzilla using the following template link.

Using this library

RLBox is a general purpose sandboxing API that can be used to interact with library sandboxed with different backends --- WebAssembly, Native Client, OS processess, etc. Support for each backend is provided by a separate plugin that must also be downloaded separately.

See the online docs for more details.

The RLBox library is a header only library, so you can directly download this repo and use include the contents of code/include/ in your application. On Linux/Mac machines, you can optionally install the headers as well with make install.

Support for cmake's find_package API is also included (see this example).

Running the tests

  1. Setup a build folder and then build.

    cmake -S . -B ./build -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release

    You can build with cmake:

    cmake --build ./build --config Release --parallel

    or make:

    cd build && make -j
  2. To test:

    With cmake:

    cd build && ctest -V

    or with make (on Linux/Mac):

    cd build && make test

    When running with ASAN and UBSAN:

    cd build && cmake -E env LSAN_OPTIONS=suppressions=../leak_suppressions.txt UBSAN_OPTIONS=suppressions=../ub_suppressions.txt ctest -V

Currently RLBox has been tested and should work with gcc-7 or later and clang-5, Visual Studio 2019 (possibly previous versions as well) or later. If you are using other compilers/compiler versions (like mingw), these may also be supported. Simply run the test suite and check that everything passes.

Install the library (Linux/Mac only)

Configure the build with cmake in the same way that previous paragraph. Then simply run:

cd build
make install

If you want to disable building tests, you can add -DBUILD_TESTING=OFF when invoking cmake the first time. This will also remove the Catch2 dependency.

cmake -S . -B ./build -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release -DBUILD_TESTING=OFF

Contributing Code

  1. To contribute code, it is recommended you install clang-tidy which the build uses if available. Install using:

    On Ubuntu:

    sudo apt install clang-tidy

    On Arch Linux:

    sudo pacman -S clang-tidy
  2. It is recommended you use the dev mode for building during development. This treat warnings as errors, enables clang-tidy checks, runs address sanitizer etc. Also, you probably want to use the debug build. To do this, adjust your build settings as shown below

    cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug -DDEV=ON -S . -B ./build
    cd build
  3. After making changes to the source, add any new required tests and run all tests (as described earlier).

  4. If you don't already have clang-format installed, install it:

    On Ubuntu:

    sudo apt install clang-format

    On Arch Linux:

    sudo pacman -S clang-format
  5. Format code with the format-source target:

    cmake --build ./build --target format-source
  6. Submit the pull request!


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