fast and lite web application for monitoring OVSDB (Open_vSwitch Database)
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Fast and minimalist OVSDB UI for node -

Open_vMonitor screenshot


Open_vMonitor requires an opened OVS database port. In most cases it is enough to perform this action on a server side. This will open OVSDB port in passive mode on port 6640 (OVSDB default).

 $ sudo ovs-vsctl set-manager ptcp:6640 

Installation from Github

 $ git clone
 $ cd open_vmonitor
 $ npm install


  • HTTP/HTTPS web UI support
  • SSL connection to an OVS database
  • lightweight and fast UI

HTTPs support

 $ mkdir -p ./certs
 $ openssl genrsa -out ./certs/key.pem 1024
 $ openssl req -new -key ./certs/key.pem -out ./certs/certrequest.csr
 $ openssl x509 -req -in ./certs/certrequest.csr -signkey ./certs/key.pem -out ./certs/certificate.pem

And start add env variable

 $ env MODE=https PORT=3001 npm start

Docker container

 $ docker pull plvisiondevs/open_vmonitor
 $ docker run -d -p 3000:3000 plvisiondevs/open_vmonitor

Start application

 $ npm start

Default credentials

Initial user/password are admin/admin


Copyright (c) 2014-2016 PLVision Authors of ovsdb-client are Ihor Chumak and Roman Gotsiy ( Maintainer: Ihor Chumak (