Utilities for pre-processing emission-excitation-matrix (EEM).
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The eemR package implements various functions used calculate metrics from excitation-emission matrix (EEM) as well as to preform pre-processing corrections before PARAFAC analysis.

The latest release of the package from CRAN can be installed with:


The latest development version of the package can be installed with:



A detailed vignette presenting the package which can be viewed using:

vignette(topic = "introduction", package = "eemR")

Supported spectrophotometers

At the moment, EEMs generated by the following spectrofluorometer are officially supported.

  • Cary Eclipse .csv files

  • Aqualog .dat files

  • Shimadzu .TXT files

  • Fluoromax-4 .dat files

  • Hitachi F-7000 FL .TXT files

EEM can be read using the eem_read() function. Please fill an issue if you have other file formats you would like to add to the package.