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Takes IMDB tag lines and parses them.
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IMDB Tag Parser

Takes IMDB tag lines and parses them.

Still in development, so all it does is print the movie name and any tag lines.

Download the IMDB tag list from (


Simply use the Makefile.


Run the program with a filename, which contains the taglines, e.g.

./imdb-tags tagsExample

A tagline is a short description or comment on a movie that is displayed on movie posters (or direct to video covers etc) to capture the essence of the movie, and ultimetely make you watch the movie.


Jaws (1975) 
     She was the first 
Aliens (1986) 
     This time it's war 
Outbreak (1995) 
     Try to remain calm 

Formatting submissions: The basic syntax is..

# title

An example...

# Jaws (1975)
    She was the first

A TAB is used to mark a separate tagline, so if a movie has say 2 taglines on the original poster or direct to video blurb, they can both be added, e.g.

# Above the Rim (1994)
    The hardest part of winning is choosing sides.
    Some games you play.  Some games play you.
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