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A helper of Lilu that ensures everything loaded properly
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A helper of Lilu for those who prefer to leave everything inside /Library/Extensions and /System/Library/Extensions.

Note: This is NOT a plugin of Lilu!

Technical Backgrounds

As we all know, Lilu needs loading at an early stage for each patch to be applied properly. We can simply implement this via the InjextKext function of a bootloader like Clover does. (It's also somewhat unreliable though) As for system locations, the situation can be more catastrophic, because we cannot ensure that everything related to Lilu is loaded from the very beginning and thus the patches may be failed to be applied. So that's why LiluFriend comes.

First of all, LiluFriend is a dummy kext (Yes, it itself just does nothing) with prefix in its bundle identifier and AppleSecurityExtension = true, therefore it will be always loaded correctly. Secondly, LiluFriend treats all Lilu and its plugins as LiluFriend's dependencies, this enforces Lilu and its plugins loaded before LiluFriend even if they are not prefixed (Needs setting).


  1. Download the pre-compiled binary from Releases, or compile it yourself by downloading source code.
  2. Open LiluFriend.kext/Contents/Info.plist and navigate to OSBundleLibraries.
  3. Add your desired plugins here. (Check the Info.plist of the plugin and gather its CFBundleIdentifier)

Note: As for version, check Info.plist of each plugin, firstly search for OSBundleCompatibleVersion, if it exists, then use such value, otherwise search for CFBundleVersion and use this value instead.

  1. Save your edited Info.plist and install LiluFriend.kext to /Library/Extensions and /System/Library/Extensions, you can also let your bootloader inject it if you prefer not to install any kext on system locations for those who want Lilu and its plugins always work fine.

Support and Discussion


  • Apple for macOS
  • vit9696 for the initial idea
  • PMheart for writing the software and maintaining it

Bug reports

All bugs should be reported at the issue section of this repository.

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