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Nim Language Server Protocol

This is the beginning of what might become a Language Server Protocol implementation in Nim, for Nim. The idea is to wrap nimsuggest and possibly other tools in order to supply the actual information while keeping this entirely an interface layer. This is intended to be a team effort, so help out in any way you can. If you need pointers look at the issues board for something that needs doing, or create your own issues if you feel something needs to be done or discussed.

Compile nimlsp

nimble build

or if you want debug output

nimble debug

Supported Protocol features

Status LSP Command
☑ DONE textDocument/didChange
☑ DONE textDocument/didClose
☑ DONE textDocument/didOpen
☑ DONE textDocument/didSave
☐ TODO textDocument/codeAction
☑ DONE textDocument/completion
☑ DONE textDocument/definition
☐ TODO textDocument/documentHighlight
☐ TODO textDocument/documentSymbol
☐ TODO textDocument/executeCommand
☐ TODO textDocument/format
☑ DONE textDocument/hover
☐ TODO textDocument/rename
☑ DONE textDocument/references
☐ TODO textDocument/signatureHelp
☑ DONE textDocument/publishDiagnostics
☐ TODO workspace/symbol

Setting up nimlsp

So far the only editor nimlsp has been tried in is Sublime. If you want to try it out (or want some ideas on how to set it up for another editor) this is how it's done in Sublime:

First you need a LSP client, the one that's been tested is It's certainly not perfect, but it works well enough.

Once you have it installed you'll want to grab NimLime as well. NimLime can perform many of the same features that nimlsp does, but we're only interested in syntax highlighting and some definitions. If you know how to disable the overlapping features or achieve this in another way please update this section.

Now in order to set up LSP itself enter it's settings and add this:

            "<path to nimlsp>/nimlsp" // This can be changed if you put nimlsp in your PATH
         "enabled": true,
            "PATH": "<home directory>/.nimble/bin" // To be able to find nimsuggest, can be changed if you have nimsuggest in your PATH
         "languageId": "nim",
   // These are mostly for debugging feel free to remove them
   // If you build nimlsp without debug information it doesn't
   // write anything to stderr
   "log_payloads": true,
   "log_stderr": true

Run Tests

nimble test