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Link to the game @

WARNING: Streamer is an ubalanced prototype. Game is functional but the code is hacked together and kinda sucks

## Streamer is a clicker game by /u/pnrxa based on [](
Current Features
* Gain viewers, followers and subscribers (which give $2.5 per month) * Functional months 1 minute long * Chat speeds up with more viewers * Running adverts for $0.002 per impression (current viewers) * Upgrading your cpu and gpu of your computer * Give away your old cpu/gpu to gain subs and followers based on current viewers * FPS goes up with better cpu/gpu (no purpose) * Donations from the username generator sim.js with funky animations (inspired by twitch alerts) * Top donor list for current stream session (if you manage to get a name randomed the same it will add to current donation) * (fake) DDoS the top (real) streamers to instantly gain a lot of viewers * Game saves every "month" (minute) or manual save * Incomplete basic mobile design

If you'd like a boost to see features, use console and set followers = 100000 or higher and that many viewers will join within 10 seconds of starting the stream

Other variables to play around with

Money is dollarstotal
Viewers is currentviewers (only change 10 seconds after starting stream to give time to startup/followers to join)
Subscribers is subscribers