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Written in EPL. Simulation of a Coffee Factory in which Apama tracks any issues in the production and reacts immediately.
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For more information about the project see:

How to set up the project:


  • Clone the repository to a desired location
  • If you do not have Designer on your machine, use this link to download it: (under Full version)
  • Open the Project via Designer


  • Go to and download Prometheus (should be on the very top) by choosing the file that corresponds to your OS.

  • Install Prometheus to a suitable directory.

  • Go to the folder which contains the installation and open the prometheus.yml file by right clicking on it and select a suitable text reader(notepad might not work), for example, I use Notepad++ to open it. Another thing you can do to open the file is: drag and drop the prometheus.yml file onto Designer.

  • Once opened, at the very bottom make sure it looks like this:


    • targets: ['localhost:15903']

    You will have to just set the 'targets' to ['localhost:15903'];


Firstly, follow this link:

  • Once you do the first two steps i.e. installation guide & logging in for the first time, open the folder 'Grafana' in your Designer project and in it you would see a grafana.json file, copy the content of the file.

  • Go to Grafana, click 'Create' (the plus button at the top left corner) and then click 'dashboard settings' (on top right) which will take you to another page.

  • In that page click JSON model, paste here what you copied from the grafana.json file in Designer project.

  • Scroll to the top of the JSON model text and change the value of the 'id' to be 'null' (without quotes);

  • Click 'Save Changes'.

  • Now go to 'Configuration'

  • Click on the Prometheus field (should be in the center of the screen);

  • Update the URL to: http://localhost:9090

  • Update the Scrape Interval to 1s

To start the project:

  • In Designer, right click on the project folder.
  • Select 'Run as'
  • Select 'Apama Application'

In about couple of seconds the live data will be displayed on Grafana.

And if you would like to send a bad event go to Designer. Find the coffee project and start it if it is not on. Open the events folder and you will see a BadEvent.evt file. Right-click on it and select Apama -> Send Events. Now observe how Apama will handle the bad event on Grafana.

alt text

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