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@Eruyome Eruyome released this Jul 31, 2017 · 336 commits to master since this release

(This will likely be the last update before Monday after 3.0 release.)
Includes changes from previous beta versions:

  • Replaced the WinHttpRequest library with cURL.

  • All requests to now support gzip compression. This greatly reduces bandwith usage (and therefore request times).

  • Rewrote AdditionalMacros.txt:

    • Hotkeys can be set and enabled/disabled via global variables.
    • You can completely disable the entire file with all it's hotkeys in the settings menu (ItemInfo tab).
    • Added a hotkey to open a base item on
  • Added a subfolder "CustomMacros" to the user directory:

    • This folder is now being created on script start, all files (.txt, .ahk) in there will be appended to AdditionalMacros/TradeMacro.
    • You can still edit AdditionalMacros, but also add your own macros as seperate files.
  • Added the "-nosplash" argument for the run script, using it via shortcut/script skips the splashtexts at script start.

  • Fixed the item parsing for negative mods (for example "-4 maximum charges") and charges in general for Leaguestones failing in some edge cases.

  • Fixed minimum and maximum dps calculation for uniques being off in some cases (advanced search GUI).

  • Fixed a bug where some uniques had their lightning damage mod missing (advanced saerch GUI).

  • Fixed a bug where the maximum value of innate defenses/offenses was being ignored in the request when the minimum value was empty (advanced search).

  • Rewrote POST request payload generation (much shorter payload).

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