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Hotkey/macro descriptions

Hotkey / function name Description
TogglePOEItemScript Pause item parsing with the pause key (other macros remain).
Minimize Winkey+D minimizes the active PoE window (PoE stays minimized this way).
HighlightItems Ctrl+F fills search bars in the stash or vendor screens with the item's name or info you're hovering over.
Function parameters, change if needed or wanted:
  1. Use broader search terms, default = false.
  2. Leave the search field after pasting the search terms, default = true.
HighlightItemsAlt Ctrl+Alt+F uses much broader search terms for the highlight function.
LookUpAffixes Ctrl+M opens in your browser, navigating to the item that you're hovering over.
CloseScripts Ctrl+Esc closes all running scripts specified by (and including) ItemInfo or TradeMacro.
KickYourself F4 to quickly leave a group by kicking yourself. Only works for one specific character name, which you have to edit in.
Hideout Go to hideout with F5.
ScrollTabRight Ctrl+scroll down scrolls through stash tabs rightward.
ScrollTabLeft Ctrl+scroll up scrolls through stash tabs leftward.
ScrollTabRightAlt Holding right mouse button+scroll down scrolls through stash tabs rightward
ScrollTabLeftAlt Holding right mouse button+scroll up scrolls through stash tabs leftward.
SendCtrlC Ctrl+right mouse button sends ctrl+c.
Remaining Mobs remaining with F9.
SetAfkMessage F11 to paste a predefined afk message to your chat and mark "X" so you can type in the estimated time.
AdvItemFilterPreview Ctrl+alt+c Parses your current loot filter (if a custom filter is being used) and shows a highlighting preview for your item, including information about the matching filter rule
WhoisLastWhisper Ctrl+alt+enter to uss the "/whois" chat command on the last person who whispered.
JoinChannel Join a channel with F10, you can edit which one.
OpenOnPoEAntiquary Use ctrl+alt+a to open an item on to lookup a price history from last leagues.

How does the script work / Editing the script

The Additional Macros script shouldn't be edited.

To add your own macros, use the subfolder CustomMacros\. All files there will be appended.
Please make sure that any issues that you are experiencing aren't related to your own macros before reporting them.
For example, paste the line ^Space::SendInput {Enter}/oos{Enter} in an .ahk file, place it in the CustomMacros folder and you have your macro ready. It's that easy.

Detailed guide to Custom Macros

Declaring variables or executing code outside of functions, labels or hotkeys won't work in AdditionalMacros or your custom macros. Read more about it here: (script auto-execute section).
Function calls via hotkeys work though.

AutoHotkey IDE's and Editor setups (NotePad++, Sublime, Vim):

Curated list of awesome AHK libs, lib distributions, scripts, tools and resources:

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