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These settings can be changed by editing config_trade.ini or (preferred) by using the settings window.

Right-click the script icon in your system tray and select PoE Item Info Settings to open the settings window and to edit both PoE-ItemInfos and PoE-TradeMacros settings.

Option Description
ShowItemResults Number of items displayed in search results.
ShowAccountName Show sellers account name in search results tooltip
ShowUpdateNotifications Notifies you when there's a new stable release available.
OpenWithDefaultWin10Fix If your PC always asks you what program to use to open the wiki-link, enable this to let ahk find your default program from the registry.
BrowserPath Lets you specify the browser to open urls with (.exe)
SearchLeague Defaults to standard or tmpstandard if there is a Temp-League active at the time of script execution. tmpstandard and tmphardcore are automatically replaced with their permanent counterparts if no Temp-League is active.
AccountName Your own account name used to shor your own listed items age
GemLevel Gem level is ignored in the search unless it's equal or higher than this value. Set to something like 30 to completely ignore the level.
GemLevelRange Creates a range around GemLevel option.
GemQualityRange Use this to set a range to quality Gem searches. For example a range of 1 searches 14% - 16% when you have a 15% Quality Gem. Setting it to 0 (default) uses your Gems quality as min_quality without max_quality in your search.
OnlineOnly 1 = searches online only; 0 = searches offline, too.
Corrupted Either, Yes, No : This setting gets ignored when you use the search on corrupted items.
CorruptedOverride Enable/Disable to override always finding items with the same corrupted state.
CurrencySearch Lets you select the payment currency for currency searches.
AdvancedSearchMod ValueRange Advanced search lets you select the items mods to include in your search and lets you set their min/max values. These min/max values are pre-filled, to calculate them we look at the difference between the mods theoretical max and min value and treat it as 100%. We then use this modifier as a percentage of this differences to create a range (min/max value) to search in.
RemoveMultipleListings FromSameAccount Removes multiple listings from the same account from your search results (to combat market manipulators). The removed items are also removed from the average and`nmedian price calculations.
PrefillMinValue / PrefillMaxValue Enable/Disable automatically filling out the min and max values on the advanced search GUI
OpenUrlsOnEmptyItem Shortcuts that open a url in your browser work also whitout hovering over an item.
BuyoutOnly Enables/Disables buyout only for searches on poe.trade website
ForceMaxLinks Use max links in corrupted unique item search if yours is fully socketed/linked
AlternativeCurrencySearch Use poe.ninja to show currency history instead of poe.trade currency search
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