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A sample implementation using POP Forums packages, for ASP.NET Core.
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POPForums Sample

This is a sample project showing how to light up POP Forums in an ASP.NET Core app by way of package references. For the backend, you need at a minimum these NuGet packages:

You'll also need this NPM package:

The included gulpfile.js copies the client files as necessary. You also need the Views/Shared/_Layout.cshtml layout. Check the main project for options for the PopForums.json file and the Startup class.

Project Links

For the latest information and documentation, and how to get started, check the docs:

The commercially hosted version, if you don't want to run it yourself, is here:

The main project on Github:

CI build of master, running on .NET Core is demo'ing here:

Build status

Latest release:

The latest CI build packages can be found with these feeds on MyGet:

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