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POSSA QueueCallers

QueueCallers is a simple PHP Page for displaying Asterisk queue agents and callers. Initially developed by Mark Veenstra at and modifed slightly for FreePBX users.


This project should install and run on PHP enabled web server with access to an Asterisk server. The project is tested and streamlined for installation on a FreePBX server running FreePBX 2.9 or later.


  • Download the latest version of the project archive from:
  • decompress the archive on the server to [webroot]/queuecallers
  • chown and chmod the queuecallers folder and contents as necessary
  • If installing on a server running FreePBX 2.9 (or higher), installation should be finished. If running other versions, or a non standard install navigate to /[webroot]/queuecallers/inc/defines.php and edit with Asterisk server access credentials.


  • Navigate to: [web_server_ip]/queuecallers
  • From the dropdown menus select the page refresh rate and the Asterisk queue, that's it!

More information

Questions, feature requests, bug reports can be added to the issue tracker:


Original readme file from by Mark Veenstra

** Background
        When I search the Internet there are better and more
improved add-ons for Asterisk to list/show all callers and
members of an Asterisk queue. But most of them are too complex
or too expensive for my needs, therefore I created this simple
PHP page. Hopefully you enjoy!

** Security concerns
        This PHP page doesn't include any user authentication.
This is a feature I didn't need because I don' allow any other
people on port 80 of Apache. If you do want some kind of user
authentication, you can:
    1. Expand this PHP page with this feature (please let me
    2. Make use of a .htaccess with a .htpasswd

** Installation
  - Upload the *.tgz file to your webroot folder of you Asterisk
    server (For example: /var/www/html/).
  - Login to your Asterisk server and execute the next commands:
    cd /var/www/html/
    tar xzvf queue-list-v0.5.tgz

** Configure PHP page
  - Edit the file inc/defines.php and change the MySQL database

** Check installation
Open your browser and point in to http://<asterisk_server>/queue_list/

** Credits
Special thanks to everyone in the Asterisk community.


PHP Page for displaying Asterisk queue agents and callers



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