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FreePBX Lenny Blacklist Mod

Modifies the FreePBX blacklist to redirect banned callers to SIP/ or to any other user specifed SIP URI.


System requirements: FreePBX version 2.10 or later with the Blacklist module installed and enabled. Download from here and upload the tarball using the "Upload Modules" button under "Module Admin" then install the module when it appears in the list of local modules.


Under the "Other" tab (or directly on the Blacklist page with later versions of FreePBX), a new entry for Lenny Blacklist Mod will appear. Default settings redirect blacklisted callers to Lenny and local recordings are made. The user can disable the recording, change the URI that callers are directed to or disable the redirect and restore default Blacklist behavior. The user must actively enable this module via the checkbox and also certify compliance with the receiving party's TOS. To direct blacklisted callers to any dialable number such as to an announcement or voicemail, configure the destination as: local/3456@from-internal where the digits 3456 represent the destination for blacklisted callers.