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iAddressBook for Asterisk


Forked from: and modified for integration with a FreePBX/Asterisk PBX. The goal is to make as no changes to the core iAddressBook files, so that iAddressBook can be upgraded in place without affecting the possa changes. All non-iAddressBook code is confined to folders, /possa/ and /lib/tpl/possa/.


  • Starting with a Centos based LAMP-A distro such as PBX in a Flash, determine the MySQL credentials then at the CLI:
cd /var/www/html
git clone iaddress
chown -R asterisk:asterisk iaddress
mysqladmin -u root -ppassw0rd  create addressbook
  • With a browser navigate to http://<serverip>/iaddress and step through the install instructions. Confirm that there are no errors, enter MySQL access credentials for your PBX and click 'create tables' to initialize the database.
  • Now with the stock iAddressBook project installed and confirmed running, we will overwrite the config.php file with the following to add asterisk integration:
cd /var/www/html/iaddress/conf
mv config.php config.php.back
mv config.php.possa config.php
  • Depending on the distro used, it may be necessary to edit the conf/config.php file with the MySQL access credentials. After this step, reload iAddressBook in the browser and confirm the config changes have not broken anything.
  • In order to get click to dial working from iAddressBook, you need to configure the PBX to accept AJAM connections to the http manager interface and you need manager credentials. Then:
cd /var/www/html/iaddress/possa
mv config.php.sample config.php
  • edit the file: /var/www/html/iaddress/possa/config.php with the necessary details to connect to the Asterisk AJAM interface.


  • When viewing iAddressBook contact details, enter the local user extension number at the top of the page in the format local/101@from-internal or sip/101. Click save and reload the page to set and read the cookie.
  • Use the dial button next to any displayed phone number to click to dial. First the configured local extension will ring, and when answered the call will bridge to the oubound number.


  • Add a javascript window to pop up when dial initiates to display local extension, remote number and give the user the ability to cancel the dial or to dismiss the window and allow the call to continue.
  • Possibly display call progress to user in javascript window similar to Noojee click
  • Add ability to connect to asterisk via AMI in addition to AJAM
  • Add code that allows for a completely config free installation on a FreePBX system by loading the freePBX bootstrap and using the $astman class to initiate dialling.


2013-12-03 - Forked project from iAddressBook.

2014-01-15 - Starting with an unmodified copy of iAddressBook ver. 2.0 with the following changes:

  • In the main iAddressBook config file /conf/config.php set the variable, $conf['template'] = 'possa';
  • New folder /possa/ - intended to store all non-standard code for these mods
  • New file /possa/Ajam.php - Ajam class originally by Carlos Alberto Cesario
  • New file /possa/dial.php - script to do the dialling
  • new file /possa/config.php - user configuration details for AJAM API
  • A new display template called possa based on the default template, located in /lib/tpl/possa
  • edits to the file /lib/tpl/possa/phone.tpl which control how the phone numbers are displayed. Very rough click to dial is working

2014-01-16 - Click to dial now working reasonably well

  • In file lib/tpl/possa/main.tpl added form and cookie to store the user's extension number & modified footer
  • In file lib/tpl/possa/phone.tpl added click to dial button for each phone number.

2014-01-30 - Having passed initial testings, project moved to


Forked from: and modified for FreePBX/Asterisk integration







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