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Support for string interpolation, help comments, and some special variables #1

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This patch adds support for:

  • Special colors for Boolean and other constants
  • Coloring for documentation/help comments (i.e. .Synopsis, etc.)
  • Coloring for escape sequences in double quoted strings
  • Coloring for replacement expressions in interpolated strings
@PProvost PProvost merged commit d556dd9 into from
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Showing with 31 additions and 5 deletions.
  1. +31 −5 syntax/ps1.vim
36 syntax/ps1.vim
@@ -18,10 +18,16 @@ syn case ignore
" Sync-ing method
syn sync minlines=100
+" Certain tokens can't appear at the top level of the document
+syn cluster ps1NotTop contains=@ps1Comment,ps1CDocParam,ps1Function
" Comments and special comment words
syn keyword ps1CommentTodo TODO FIXME XXX TBD HACK NOTE contained
-syn match ps1Comment /#.*/ contains=ps1CommentTodo
-syn region ps1Comment start="<#" end="#>" contains=ps1CommentTodo
+syn match ps1CDocParam /.*/ contained
+syn match ps1CommentDoc /^\s*\zs\.\w\+\>/ nextgroup=ps1CDocParam contained
+syn match ps1CommentDoc /#\s*\zs\.\w\+\>/ nextgroup=ps1CDocParam contained
+syn match ps1Comment /#.*/ contains=ps1CommentTodo,ps1CommentDoc
+syn region ps1Comment start="<#" end="#>" contains=ps1CommentTodo,ps1CommentDoc
" Language keywords and elements
syn keyword ps1Conditional if else elseif switch default
@@ -71,13 +77,19 @@ syn keyword ps1Operator f contained
" Regular Strings
" These aren't precisely correct and could use some work
-syn region ps1String start=/"/ skip=/`"/ end=/"/
-syn region ps1String start=/'/ skip=/''/ end=/'/
+syn region ps1String start=/"/ skip=/`"/ end=/"/ contains=@ps1StringSpecial
+syn region ps1String start=/'/ skip=/''/ end=/'/
" Here-Strings
-syn region ps1String start=/@"$/ end=/^"@$/
+syn region ps1String start=/@"$/ end=/^"@$/ contains=@ps1StringSpecial
syn region ps1String start=/@'$/ end=/^'@$/
+" Interpolation
+syn match ps1Escape /`./ contained
+syn region ps1Interpolation matchgroup=ps1InterpolationDelimiter start="$(" end=")" contained contains=ALLBUT,@ps1NotTop
+syn region ps1NestedParentheses start="(" skip="\\\\\|\\)" matchgroup=ps1Interpolation end=")" transparent contained
+syn cluster ps1StringSpecial contains=ps1Escape,ps1Interpolation,ps1Variable,ps1Boolean,ps1Constant,ps1BuiltIn
" Numbers
" syn match ps1Number /\<[0-9]\+/
syn match ps1Number "\<\(0[xX]\x\+\|\d\+\)\([MGTP][B]\)\=\>"
@@ -85,6 +97,13 @@ syn match ps1Number "\(\<\d\+\.\d*\|\.\d\+\)\([eE][-+]\=\d\+\)\=[dD]\="
syn match ps1Number "\<\d\+[eE][-+]\=\d\+[dD]\=\>"
syn match ps1Number "\<\d\+\([eE][-+]\=\d\+\)\=[dD]\>"
+" Constants
+syn match ps1Boolean "$\%(true\|false\)\>"
+syn match ps1Constant /\$null\>/
+syn match ps1BuiltIn "$^\|$?\|$_\|$\$"
+syn match ps1BuiltIn "$\%(args\|error\|foreach\|home\|input\)\>"
+syn match ps1BuiltIn "$\%(match\(es\)\?\|myinvocation\|host\|lastexitcode\)\>"
+syn match ps1BuiltIn "$\%(ofs\|shellid\|stacktrace\)\>"
" Folding blocks
syn region ps1Block start=/{/ end=/}/ transparent fold
@@ -103,17 +122,24 @@ if version >= 508 || !exists("did_ps1_syn_inits")
HiLink ps1Exception Exception
HiLink ps1Constant Constant
HiLink ps1String String
+ HiLink ps1Escape SpecialChar
+ HiLink ps1InterpolationDelimiter Delimiter
HiLink ps1Conditional Conditional
HiLink ps1Function Function
HiLink ps1Variable Identifier
HiLink ps1ScopedVariable Identifier
HiLink ps1VariableName Identifier
+ HiLink ps1Boolean Boolean
+ HiLink ps1Constant Constant
+ HiLink ps1BuiltIn StorageClass
HiLink ps1Type Type
HiLink ps1Scope Type
HiLink ps1StandaloneType Type
HiLink ps1Number Number
HiLink ps1Comment Comment
HiLink ps1CommentTodo Todo
+ HiLink ps1CommentDoc Tag
+ HiLink ps1CDocParam Todo
HiLink ps1Operator Operator
HiLink ps1Repeat Repeat
HiLink ps1RepeatAndCmdlet Repeat
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