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PR2-specific components that are used in bringing up a robot.
Branch: kinetic-devel
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Latest commit 9a42e4f Apr 2, 2019
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imu_monitor 1.6.30 Apr 23, 2018
pr2_bringup Param names changed between urg_node and hokuyo_node Jan 3, 2019
pr2_computer_monitor fixed CMake errors Mar 27, 2019
pr2_controller_configuration fixed integer cast to void* warning in pr2_ethercat; fixed broken lau… Mar 27, 2019
pr2_robot 1.6.30 Apr 23, 2018
pr2_run_stop_auto_restart fixed CMake errors Mar 27, 2019
.gitignore Add ignore for pyc. Jul 22, 2013
.travis.yml remove lunar and set melodic as allow_failures Apr 2, 2019 update travis.yml Apr 2, 2019

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