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Welcome to Hedgehog!

Hedgehog is a robot controller: a device for controlling robotics components. Hedgehog is particularly suited for educational use, but great care was taken to make it flexible and usable in a wide range of use cases. Its most important features and properties are as follows:

  • full control over your device
    • use all capabilities of the built-in Raspberry Pi 3
    • all open hardware and software
    • no limitations for advances users
  • easy connectivity to programming devices
    • wired via Ethernet
    • wireless via WiFi
    • Web-based Hedgehog IDE or SSH
  • unified command protocol
    • control your Hedgehog locally or over the network
    • protocol stack designed for reliability
    • easy to implement in many popular programming languages
    • few assumptions to allow for various approaches in programming interfaces
  • versatile application programming interfaces (APIs)
    • visual programming via Blockly
    • textual programming mainly via Python, but node.js and Java already supported as well
    • simple, yet not limiting
  • made for tinkering and hacking
    • compatible with RC servos & DC motors, various analog and digital sensors
    • controller case can be mounted to Lego models
    • hardware blueprints (case & circuit boards) available for modification
    • CAD software, microcontroller toolchain, git, ... pre-installed on the controller
  • classroom ready
    • One WiFi for all controllers avoids network congestion
    • many educational use cases, appropriate for various ages
    • visual & textual programming, closed-loop control, autonomous driving, microcontroller programming, distributed systems, swarm intelligence, ...

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