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Login Cidadão

This is an Digital Identity (DI) solution for Open Government, Networked Democracy and Colaborative Citizenship. Technically it's a federated OAuth2 and OpenID provider.

It's aimed at easy install while retaining a high level of user-control over the use of their data and the applications that have access to it.

Deployed since 2014 in Rio Grande do Sul (BR) it has today more than 500k users and has prooved to be a central tool to ease out citizen/government interactions providing SSO with preserved privacy and security for all government services read more (PT_BR)

Build Status Scrutinizer Code Quality Join the chat at Receive updates at




Running an Identity Provider is not an easy task. If you plan to maintain one yourself, you MUST:

FULLY understand:

Have at least a very good understanding of:

To perform customizations you MUST have a good understanding of:

If you fail to comply with the aforementioned requirements you and your users are very likely going to get hurt

OS Dependencies

PHP Extensions

  • php5-curl
  • php5-intl
  • php5-mysql or php5-pgsql or your preferred driver
  • php5-memcache (you can use php5-memcached instead, just remember to change the Memcache classes to Memcached)

System Configuration

  • php timezone (example: date.timezone = America/Sao_Paulo)
  • write permission to app/cache, app/logs and web/uploads

Docs (Portuguese)

Você pode utilizar o visualizador em doc/index.html para exibir a documentação com uma formatação amigável em um browser iniciando um servidor built-in do PHP com o seguinte comando:

composer lc-docs <porta desejada>
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