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Sending issues after upgrade with new pem file #11

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I recently upgraded to the 0.4.1 (was using 0.3.0) because I needed custom properties. I also changed the pem file for the app. Now when I send notifications, (using rake apn:notifications:deliver) it only sends a single notification at a time and the user doesn't receive it. If I switch back the pem files, everything is fine. I'm confused because I don't see any errors in the log and I don't get why it would send one and then stop.
I'm on rails 2.3.5 on heroku.


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If the user doesn't receive the single notification it seems like perhaps there is a problem with your new pem files?

It is hard for me to tell from your comment whether you think the problem you are having is with 0.4.1 or with the changed pem files. Does it work properly using 0.4.1 with your old pem files?

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