last_registered_at documentation #26

breiko83 opened this Issue Feb 3, 2011 · 0 comments

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Hello, first of all, thanks for your work and efforts on apn_on_rails. It's a great tool!

I've found your readme a bit confusing about last_registered_at field, that I suppose is really important.

Every time my app start I do something like:

Device.create(:token => '5gxadhy6 6zmtxfl6 5zpbcxmw ez3w7ksf qscpr55t trknkzap 7yyt45sc g6jrw7qz',:app_id=>1)

but this does not touch last_registered_at if the device already exist.

So i guess it's missing in your documentation how to touch last_registered_at field that I guess you can do with:

device = APN::Device.find(1)

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