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Rails 3.2 and self.table_name #38

mjankowski opened this Issue · 4 comments

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I'm not sure if this changed in 3.2 or I have something else interfering, but while trying to upgrade to 3.2.1, I see some test failures with something like "apn_bases does not exist" - and my guess is that the def self.table_name in APN base.rb used to return things like apn_devices, and now returns apn_bases incorrectly.


Thanks for logging this issue.

My guess is the super class needs to be marked as an abstract:

self.abstract_class = true

I'll try it out and put that in.

It also should not be trying to test an instance of that class, only the children, as it should be, uh abstract - that's the point.


yeah, the abstract thing was the issue. I have checked in the fix, if you get master this will work, and I'll release a gem update presently.

I am looking at some of the failing specs now, but they are in older specs I didn't write, so may take me awhile to get them all working.

@kookster kookster closed this

Awesome, thanks.


This fix is confirmed.

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