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Frontline :: If I Die Today :: Functional Requirements
Landing page
[•] With editable text areas (Headline, Tagline, Description)
[•] Call to action that integrates Facebook login
Generic error page
[ ] Background
[ ] Text paragraph
Retrieve Facebook user information
[ ] Provide a transition/loading page while we connect to open graph that displays a video in the background
[•] Use the Facebook Open Graph to retrieve (First Name, Last Name, Age, Location (City/State))
[•] Catch errors from Facebook Open Graph login/retrieval
[•] Provide view that explains that we need that information to create a useful experience
[•] Prompt the user to supply their State if none is found in Facebook
[x] Prompt the user to supply their Age if none is found in Facebook
Logged in page
[•] Use or equivalent to provide 6 modules for Frontline to provide text/imagery
[•] Each module should have (Headline, Tagline, Description, Background Image, Chart)
[ ] Provide an action button that allows the user to post an image and text from If I Die Today to their wall
[ ] Create a persistent fixed position bottom/top/side area for (Embedded video, Sharing)
[ ] Provide an action that allows the user to share via Twitter
[ ] Provide an location for an embedded video from YouTube