A rails plugin which allow user upload files to S3 through an embedded flash directly. Started with GreenAsJade fork, created whole new UI for multiple file upload.
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S3SwfUpload allow user uploading a file to S3 directly, so you can save the cost of uploading process in your app server.
This version of the plugin features the ability to upload multiple files.
It currently has some hard coded constrains on file type and size that are PRX specific, but those will be removed presently.


./script/plugin install git://github.com/PRX/s3-swf-upload-plugin.git


1. $ script/generate s3_swf_upload

2. Edit app/controller/s3_uploads_controller.rb

   You need to skip any authentication for this controller, the flash
   needs to be able to access it.  There's a big comment showing you
   where to do this :) 

3. Configure your amazon parameters.  Either set these through the
   following environment variables:

        AMAZON_S3_SWF_UPLOAD_BUCKET => my_public_bucket
        AMAZON_ACCESS_KEY_ID        => secret
        AMAZON_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY    => very secret
        AMAZON_S3_SWF_UPLOAD_ACL    => public-read
        AMAZON_S3_SWF_MAX_FILE_SIZE => 209715200

   or hardcode them in     config/amazon_s3.yml

   (The corresponding yml vars are: 
     bucket_name, access_key_id, secret_access_key, acl, max_file_size)

   The acl will default to private.

   Your rails app can also change bucket, acl and max file size like

    S3SwfUpload::S3Config.bucket = 'different_one'
    S3SwfUpload::S3Config.acl = 'private'
    S3SwfUpload::S3Config.max_file_size = 1024
4. Upload a crossdomain.xml in your bucket and make it public-read.

   You can find what you need in generators/s3-swf-upload/templates in
   the plugin!

5. init s3_swf object:

  <%= s3_swf_upload_tag %>

6. When you click upload, your file will be upload to http://bucket.s3.amazonasw.com/ by default.

   IE the default prefix is '' (no prefix)

7. If you want to customize its behavior, here's a more complex example:

    <%= raw s3_swf_upload_tag(
            :width => 390,
            :height => 150,
            :file_type_descriptions =>"Image files.",
            :success => "$.post('/attachments.js',{'filename':filename, 
                                                   null, 'script');",
            :failed => 'alert("failed: " + status);',
            :info => '$("#upload-messages").html(status);',
            :prefix => "public/attachment",
            :cleared => "alert('removed all pending uploads!')",
            :removed => "alert('removed a pending upload!')",
            :initial_message=> 'Click "Browse..." to find files to upload.')
    <div id="upload-messages" name="upload-messages" class="notice"></div>

  In this case, files will be uploaded to:
  and when successful, will post the information about the file uploaded to the attachments controller as a json post using JQuery.

Original plugin is Copyright (c) 2008 elctech, released under the MIT license

Updates to plugin for multiple file uploader are Copyright (c) 2010 PRX, released under the MIT license