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PRioritizer analyzer

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A pull request prioritizer written in Scala.

The analyzer is written for the GHTorrent project, however the data collection process is abstracted in a decorator pattern. So, it should not be to hard to implement other data sources.



  1. Clone the project into ~/analyzer
  2. Install dependencies and build the project with sbt compile
  3. Copy src/main/resources/ to src/main/resources/
  4. Configure the application by editing src/main/resources/
  • e.g. repository provider: github
  • e.g. commits provider: ghtorrent
  • e.g. requests provider: github
  • e.g. output directory: ~/json/
  • e.g. cache directory: ~/tmp/
  • e.g. github access token: get your access token.
  • e.g. predictor command: ~/predictor/run $action $owner $repository
  • e.g. model directory: ~/tmp/
  • Ignore the other Github and JGit settings
  1. Package the project into a .jar file with sbt assembly


  1. Analyze a single repository with ./run [owner] [repo] ~/repos/[owner]/[repo]
  2. A .json file is generated which can be visualized

Use the watcher to continuously run the analyzer for selected projects.