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This is the repository for the Bicep PowerShell Module. This is a community project created to enable the features provided by the Bicep CLI in PowerShell. The module provides the same functionality as Bicep CLI, plus some additional features to simplify the Bicep authoring experience.

Commands implemented:

Preview commands:

Note: Starting with version 1.3.0 of the Bicep PowerShell module the cmdlets Build-Bicep and ConvertTo-Bicep uses the assemblies from the official Bicep repository instead of wrapping the Bicep CLI. When new Bicep versions are released there will be a slight delay before the PowerShell module gets tested updated with the latest assemblies. If new functionality is added to Bicep CLI before the PowerShell module supports it, use Install-BicepCLI to install the latest Bicep CLI version and use the CLI while waiting for an updated PowerShell module.

UPCOMING BREAKING CHANGE NOTIFICATION! Future releases of PSBicep will require PowerShell 7.3 or later! Please see Pre-release versions for more info.


The Bicep PowerShell Module is published to PowerShell Gallery.

Install-Module -Name Bicep

Pre-release versions

To install the latest version in development use the -AllowPrerelease switch.

Install-Module -Name Bicep -AllowPrerelease

Note: If you want to test the latest features before we've release it to PowerShell Gallery, see the Contribution Guide for instructions on how to manually download the dependencies and install the module manually.

Bug report and feature requests

If you find a bug or have an idea for a new feature create an issue in the repo. Please have a look and see if a similar issue is already created before submitting.


If you like the Bicep PowerShell module and want to contribute you are very much welcome to do so. Please read our Contribution Guide before you start! ❤


This project is currently maintained by the following coders: