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An LLE dog-themed 3DS emulator
C++ C QMake
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An LLE dog-themed 3DS emulator. Can successfully boot a B9S-hacked firmware which then loads an ARM9 payload from an SD image, such as GodMode9. Otherwise not too useful for anything else yet.


Requires Qt 5 and GMP. Currently only tested on macOS.

Usage from command line: [ARM9 boot ROM] [ARM11 boot ROM] [NAND image] [SD image] [Optional: 3DS gamecart image]

NAND dumps require essential.exefs - get dumps from the latest version of GodMode9.

Keyboard control:

  • Arrow keys -> UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT
  • X -> A
  • Z -> B
  • S -> X
  • A -> Y
  • Q -> L
  • W -> R
  • Enter/Return -> START
  • Spacebar -> SELECT

Uses, a public domain AES library.

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