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Contributing to PSKeePass


  1. Only fork the dev branch.
  2. Pull requests to master will not be considered.
  3. Include comments on your code.
  4. Keep comments up to date.
  5. Create issues for any code corrections or additions on the dev branch, fork then pull.
  6. Use Allman Style indentation or at least be consistent with your style.
  7. Run Pester Tests to verify your changes.
  8. Create Pester Tests for new scenerios and functionality.
  9. Ask questions via issues.

Needs Help

If you would like to contribute it would be great if you could focus on:

  1. Exception/Error Handling
  2. Module Help and Documentation
  3. Pester Tests
  4. Any Features you wish to add.

Working with the KeePassLib

Check out this auto generated doc at fossies.