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PSL Leadership Council, Version 1.1.0


Member Represented Project Email
Jason DeBacker Cost-of-Capital-Calculator
Henry Doupe ParamTools
Richard Evans OG-USA
Anderson Frailey Tax-Brain
Martin Holmer Tax-Calculator
Matt Jensen PSLmodels/PSL


  • At most one representative for each PSL cataloged project and PSLmodels/PSL.
  • No one person may represent more than one project.
  • Majoritarian decision-making with a quorum of half of the members or more.
  • Projects may join PSL based on conformance to PSL criteria and mission, subject to a PSL leadership council vote in a private forum, such as a PSL leadership council conference call.
  • Substantive changes to the PSL criteria, mission, or other foundational texts are subject to a PSL leadership council vote in a public forum, such as a GitHub pull request to PSLmodels/PSL.


Version 1.0.0 ratified 20 March 2019 with members Henry Doupe, Jason DeBacker, Matthew Jensen, Richard Evans, and Martin Holmer present.

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