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Tax-Brain is a Python package that wraps multiple economic models in one easy to use interface.


Tax-Brain makes it easy for users to simulate the US tax system by providing a single interface for multiple tax models. Currently, Tax-Brain interfaces with Tax-Calculator and Behavioral-Responses. Additional models will be added in the near future to expand Tax-Brain's capabilities to include modeling business taxation and running dynamic general equilibrium simulations.

To learn more about how Tax-Brain works, see the Tax-Brain documentation.


Tax-brain and its underlying models are constantly being improved upon. For that reason, the results output by Tax-Brain may differ over time. It is strongly suggested that the user make note of which version of Tax-Brain, they are using when reporting their results.

Installing Tax-Brain

You can install the latest official release from Conda using this command: conda install -c pslmodels taxbrain.

Similarly, you can update to the latest release of Tax-Brain using conda update -c pslmodels taxbrain.

Tax-Brain is currently not available on PyPI.

Using Tax-Brain

View the sample code in to see how to run Tax-Brain. Or, see the user guide for a more detailed walk through.

Citing Tax-Brain

Please cite the source of your analysis as "Tax-Brain release #.#.#, author's calculations." If you would like to link to Tax-Brain, please use It is also strongly suggested that you describe your input data and note the versions of the underlying models.

Tax-Brain Interface

In addition to its Python API, Tax-Brain also powers a web application on Compute Studio. That application can be found here. The code behind the GUI can be found in this repository in the cs-config directory.

Additional Information

Releasing New Versions of Tax-Brain

To release new versions of Tax-Brain, use the Package-Builder tool. Before using the tool, be sure to add the conda-forge channel to your conda config by using conda config --add channels conda-forge.