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Tax-Brain is an integrator model for PSL tax models
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Tax-Brain is a Python package that wraps multiple economic models in one easy to use interface.


Tax-Brain makes it easy for users to simulate the US tax system by providing a single interface for multiple tax models. Currently, Tax-Brain interfaces with Tax-Calculator and Behavior-Response. Additional models will be added in the near future to expand Tax-Brain's capabilities to include modeling business taxation and running dynamic general equilibrium simulations.

To learn more about how Tax-Brain works, see this document.


Tax-brain and it's underlying models are constantly being improved upon. For that reason, the results output by Tax-Brain may differ over time. It is strongly suggested that the user make note of which version of Tax-Brain, they are using when reporting their results.

Installing Tax-Brain

You can install the latest official release from Conda using this command: conda install -c pslmodels taxbrain.

Similarly, you can update to the latest release of Tax-Brain using conda update -c pslmodels taxbrain.

Tax-Brain is currently not available on PyPI.

Using Tax-Brain

View the sample code in to see how to run Tax-Brain. Or, see this document for a more detailed walk through.

Citing Tax-Brain

Please cite the source of your analysis as "Tax-Brain release #.#.#, author's calculations." If you would like to link to Tax-Brain, please use It is also strongly suggested that you describe your input data and note the versions of the underlying models.

Tax-Brain Interface

In addition to its Python API, Tax-Brain also powers a web application on COMP. That application can be found here. The code behind the GUI can be found in this repository in the compconfig directory.

Additional Information

Looking for code powering the TaxBrain GUI at See

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