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Near-Term Development Plans

The main near-term objective is to complete the transformation of Tax-Calculator into a microsimulation model that conducts only static analysis of reforms. This involves the development of other modules that can be used along with Tax-Calculator to conduct non-static analysis that generates both aggregate and distributional reform results. At least three other modules are being planned:

  1. Partial-equilibrium behavioral-response capabilities have been completed,

  2. Business-taxation capabilities are being developed that will permit the effects of reforms in (corporate and pass-through) business taxes to feedback to Tax-Calculator, and

  3. Macro-model capabilities are being planned that will allow macroeconomic growth feedback to Tax-Calculator.

Once Tax-Calculator can support these other modules in the USA tax collection of the Policy Simulation Library, it is anticipated that the public application programming interface (API) of Tax-Calculator will be stable.

Long-Term Development Plans

In the long-term Tax-Calculator will be enhanced in the following ways:

  1. Fix bugs in tax-calculation logic,

  2. Add new policy parameters to enable simulation of new reforms,

  3. Add historical policy parameter values as they become available,

  4. Update input data used by Tax-Calculator as they become available, and

  5. Improve user and developer documentation.