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Tails file server for von_anchor issuer and holder-prover anchors
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VON Tails

As part of the technology demonstrator project using Hyperledger indy to explore, among other VON network facilities, the use of the distributed ledger with PSPC Supplier Registration Information (SRI), the von_anchor design specifies anchors to interact with the sovrin distributed ledger as realized through indy-sdk.

The von_anchor package implements, among other components, issuer and holder-prover VON anchors to handle credentials and proofs. Credential issue and proof creation on revocable credentials entail the use of immutable tails files, which issuers create and holder-provers require.

The process of synchronizing tails file between issuer and holder-prover anchors is beyond the scope of indy-sdk and the VON Anchor project. To facilitate exchange of tails files, the von_tails package provides a reference implementation of a tails file server external to the anchors using them. In addition, it provides synchronization scripts to upload tails files from issuers and download to holder-provers as they become available.


For documentation regarding installation and operation, please visit For documentation on the von_anchor project, please consult

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