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WebAssembly Benchmark by PSPDFKit

A Benchmark for WebAssembly (Wasm, WA) that uses PSPDFKit for Web Standalone.

The rendering engine of PSPDFKit for Web Standalone is written in C/C++ and compiled to Wasm.

Get your score in the live demo and learn more in our blog post.


Getting Started

Install the pspdfkit npm package and move all contents to the vendor directory.

npm install --save pspdfkit
mkdir -p public/vendor
cp -R node_modules/pspdfkit/dist public/vendor/pspdfkit

Bootstrap the project by installing all the other dependencies.

npm install

Running the Benchmark

Now that PSPDFKit for Web is installed, you need to copy your product (license) key to the public/license-key file.

We can now run the benchmark server:

npm start

The benchmark is available at http://localhost:3000.

Building a Production Version

You can build an optimized version using the following command:

PUBLIC_URL="/webassembly-benchmark/" npm run build

Where PUBLIC_URL must be set according to the final URL, where the application is hosted.


The following optimizations can be enabled via URL parameter:

  • disableWebAssemblyStreaming, true by default
  • standaloneInstancesPoolSize, 0 by default
  • runsScaleFactor, scales the number of test runs, 1 by default

What's in This Repository

This repository contains files used to build the PSPDFKit WebAssembly benchmark.

The source files are structured into two different categories:

  • src/lib contains all files necessary to set up the test suite including the individual tests and helper functions.
  • src/ui contains a React application that is used to render the user interface.

For a main entry point, have a look at src/index.js.


This software is licensed under the MIT license.


Please ensure you have signed our CLA so that we can accept your contributions.