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The leading framework for displaying and annotating PDFs in your iOS apps.
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PSPDFKit - The definitive framework for displaying and annotating PDFs in your iOS apps.

Whether you're building an enterprise app that needs annotations and text highlighting or a Newsstand magazine with page curl transitions, PSPDFKit can help. Highly customizable, PSPDFKit solves all the common problems and implementation details with PDF files, letting you focus on the important parts of your app.

PSPDFKit supports fast PDF viewing, annotating and signing of documents. Its battle-tested code is being used in hundreds of apps. You can benefit from a solid codebase and incorporate all those advanced features into your own applications. It will save you at least one year of production time in comparison with in-house development.

We were impressed on how fast we got a working prototype to show off to the client. Integrating PSPDFKit into our existing project was a breeze and we loved that most of the features we needed for our app were there out of the box. Highly customizable, well documented, great support… this is THE PDF library everyone should use. Money well spent! -- Alex Taras, Ruby Tribe.

You can purchase a license and the full source code at



This is the example project including a DEMO version of the PSPDFKit framework. The code is bound to the PSPDFKit Evaluation License. PSPDFKit also uses 3rd-party code, see ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS for the list of contributions.

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