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PSPDFKit for Electron Example App

PSPDFKit for Electron preview

This example shows how to build a PSPDFKit for Electron application with Electron.


Getting Started

All you have to do to get started is to clone the example project, set up PSPDFKit as an npm dependency, and provide your license key.

A guide on how to obtain the NPM_KEY and the license key can be found here.

git clone
cd pspdfkit-electron-example

echo YOUR_LICENSE_KEY_GOES_HERE > ./config/license-key

npm install --save

npm install
npm start

The last command will automatically start the Electron application.

To open the developer tools inside Electron, uncomment the following line in index.js:

// Open the DevTools.

What's in This Repository

This repository contains an example integration of PSPDFKit for Electron. The project structure is influenced by the default Electron example app and comes with the following files:

Filename Description
src/index.js The main entry point used to create the Electron windows. This file does not contain major changes, with the exception of a validation to make sure that PSPDFKit is properly installed. It is responsible for loading src/index.html.
src/index.html The main HTML entry point. It will set up a simple HTML structure and invoke the JavaScript that runs in the renderer thread: src/renderer.js.
src/renderer.js This file is where we import PSPDFKit and set it up properly. We use it to extend PSPDFKit for Web with custom behavior.

Build Production Packages

We recommend using electron-packager or a similar solution to build the production bundles.

Install electron-packager

npm install -g electron-packager

Build Individual Packages

The following code will only work on macOS. For other platforms, please consult the documentation of electron-packager:

npm run package-mac
npm run package-win (requires Wine: `brew cask install xquartz`, `brew install wine`)
npm run package-linux (requires `apt-get install libgconf-2-4` on target Linux)


This software is licensed under a modified BSD license.


Please ensure you have signed our CLA so that we can accept your contributions.