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PSPDFKit for Web Example – React.js

This example shows how to integrate PSPDFKit for Web into a React app created with Create React App.


Support and Issues

Are you evaluating our SDK? That's great, we're happy to help out! To make sure this is fast, please use a work email and have someone from your company fill out our sales form:

Getting Started

Clone the repo:

git clone
cd pspdfkit-web-example-react

Install the project dependencies with npm:

npm install

Running the Example

We are ready to launch the app! 🎉

To run the app in development mode:

npm run start

To create a production build of the app and serve it:

npm run build
serve -s build

Enjoy 🍕

React Component

The React component which implements the PSPDFKit for Web integration can be found at src/components/pspdfkit/index.js.

To run this example via Create React App we also had to configure the baseUrl that PSPDFKit for Web uses to load its artifacts and base css. Please take a look at src/App.js.

In order to make the files above available we had to copy them from the node_modules/pspdfkit/dist folder using a script which you can find at scripts/copy-pspdfkit-files.


This software is licensed under a modified BSD license.


Please ensure you have signed our CLA so that we can accept your contributions.