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What is PowerHour?

Think of this like a virtual PowerShell User Group, with a lightning-demo format, and room for non-PowerShell-specific content. Eight community members will give a demo each PowerHour.

Where do we watch!

We'll be streaming on YouTube

When's the next PowerHour?

We'll add an agenda at least a week ahead of each PowerHour. To find the date and more details:

  • Check for the latest Agenda
  • Sort for the most recent folder under materials: For example, materials/2018-08-21
  • Watch #PSPowerHour on Twitter

How do I submit a proposal?

Just submit an issue! We need a title, your name, and a brief abstract — that's enough to get started!

Once you fill out an issue, we'll work with you on timing

What should I talk about?

Anything! Demo a module or function that you wrote, or that you use often. Describe a helpful tip or trick that you think is worth sharing with the audience. This is up to you!

Include info the audience will find helpful:

  • What are you talking about?
  • How does it work? This is a demo after all!
  • Why might the audience use this?
  • Where can they find more?

What should I present with?

This is up to you! Demo doesn't mean live demo only

  • Slides
  • Slides with PowerShell on them
  • The console
  • VS Code
  • PowerShell ISE
  • Pre-recorded video that you narrate
  • Notepad (maybe not)
  • Something else

Zoom in so it just fits in the whole screen. Don't be shy.. Bigger is better!

How long do I talk?

Anything under 10 minutes! Don't try to fill the whole 10 minutes, only show us what we need to see — only have 5 minutes of material? Even better!

Oh. In case it's not clear: it's a hard limit on 10 minutes. If you need more time, consider talking at a local or remote user group!

When will I talk?

  • We'll work with you in your GitHub issue proposal
  • We'll try to give you a two week notice for the session you're scheduled to demo in
  • We'll include an order-of-operations so you know your spot in line

How are talks scheduled?

  • We'll pick the 8 oldest, open proposals (only one talk per person)
  • We'll review the timezones of the speakers and work to make sure they're scheduled in the most convenient / sensible way we can manage
  • We'll do our best to make sure we won't have duplicate content in the same PSPowerHour.
    • There's tons of value in every speaker's individual take on a topic, but we want to get a good spread of topics each event. Just because a topic has been covered or touched on before doesn't make it a bad topic for a future talk!
  • We'll do our best to randomize the order of speakers as much as possible while remaining mindful of and sensitive to timezones.
    • This is to ensure a spread of both speakers and topics, so we don't end up with a cluster of, for example, three related-topic-talks in a row.
    • We're also reserving the right to do a little serendipitous ordering to make demos that are on related topics have a neat flow - so, for example, if one person is talking about 'what is Plaster' that talk goes before the 'tips and tricks for writing Plaster manifests' talk.

What happens the day of?

  • Have your materials ready to present!
  • Show up 15 minutes early. We want to get everyone connected and make sure they can share their desktop and audio without issue
  • Have fun! Don't be too stressed. It's just a couple minutes, and you'll have other peers joining you

Do I have to answer questions?

Nope! At least, not live; no time for that. We'll encourage the community to follow up with you via...

  • The twitter URL you include
  • #powerhour in
  • The issue for your demo

It would be awesome if you follow up on community questions in one of these spots

Can you get awesome-person-xyz to do a demo?

We'll certainly be pestering folks, but if you know someone who has something awesome to talk about them, point them here and ask them to submit a proposal!

Can I pre-record a demo?

This part is tough. We'll try to figure something out. Short term, we'll need folks to demo things in person

To clarify — you can record something, and discuss things while playing it during the stream — we just don't have tooling to add an entire pre-recorded demo (speaking and screencap) yet.