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Module to update the Krbtgt password
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Welcome to the project to deliver on all your Krbtgt account password reset issues.

How to use


And that's all you need ... unless you need to reset the krbtgt account for Read Only DCs, in which case you'll also want to use this:



  • All Domain Controllers need to be manageable by WinRM & PowerShell Remoting
  • Modules required on the executing computer:
    • Active Directory Module
    • PSFramework Module
    • Group Policy Module (optional)

The Procedure

For the full krbtgt password reset, Reset-KrbPassword will perform the following operations:

  • Retrieve the krbtgt account and check, whether it is safe to reset the password
    • It checks the PwdLastSet property for the last time it was reset
    • It checks group policy for the Kerberos configuration to calculate the next safe reset time (valid ticket duration + 2x Time Skew)
    • This validation can be disabled using the -Force parameter (Note: Doing so will have a HUGE impact on most production environments)
  • Perform a test password reset with a dummy account
    • Creates a temporary account and ensures, the password reset is properly replciated using the same tools as the main reset will be using.
  • Reset the krbtgt account password on the PDC Emulator
  • Force all DCs in the domain to do a single object replication of the krbtgt account against the PDC


The entire procedure is automatically logged using the PSFramework module.

All actions are logged to memory and can be retrieved using:


Furthermore, it will automatically create a debug log that is by default written to AppData of the executing user. To access the specific path it will write to, execute the following line:

Get-PSFConfigValue -FullName PSFramework.Logging.FileSystem.LogPath

Logs are (by default) retained for 7 days. This logging can be extended to log to persisted files are straight to your SIEM solution of choice. For more details on this system, see PSFramework Quickstart Guide to Logging.

More Tools

  • Use Test-KrbPasswordReset in order to do just the test run without any action.
  • Use Get-KrbAccount to retrieve information on the krbtgt account.
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