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*My next step is to experiment with mixing my own blends. As part of that, the primary questions I'm asking myself as I drink a cup of coffee (single origin) are: "What is the most prominent note? What would go well with this?"


Roast tracking log

Set up


A living list of coffees that, after having the first cup, I wanted another.

Roaster Type Origin Name/Region First Cup Notes
La Colombe* single origin China-Yunnan Fuyan County, Yunnan Province 24 Nov 2018 Smooth and balanced with a milk-chocolate sweetness. Eager to try it again to unpack what else is going on in there.
Blue Bottle single origin North Sumatra, Indonesia Sumatra Lake Toba Blue Batak 6 Nov 2018 It's almost like each sip has "time" starts with a pleasant acidity that turns into sweetness and finishes with the richness and silkiness of coconut oil without overwhelming at any point.
Verve single origin Guatemala Santa Clara Pacamara October, 2018 Subtly sharp, with just enough sweetness to make inoffensive. Good body. Drinks like a cup of coffee i could have many times, not tire of and continue to find new things to notice.
Home roasted single origin Ethiopia Hambela Hassan August, 2018 bright with body; delightful for the morning
heart single origin Colombia Fabio Escobar August, 2018
Ritual single origin Colombia El Guamo Jul 2018
Verve single origin Honduras El Brujo Jul 2018
Equator single origin Costa Rica Costa Rica Beneficio Santa Rosa 1900 Jul 2018
George Howell single origin Rwanda Kanzu Apr 2018
Wrecking Ball single origin Peru Peru Saltillo Finca Tasta Apr 2018
Blue Bottle single origin Guatemala Cobán Santa Isabel Caturra January, 2018

*Favorite coffee at the moment

Brewing method

Pour over (unless otherwise noted).

Set up