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PTS (aka The Currency Formerly Known As Bitshares-PTS)

Originally invented as a means to create a fair initial distribution for the BitShares (BTS) DAC, PTS has matured and is now a currency on its own. The objectives and core values of the new PTS are

  • simplicity - PTS is delegated proof of stake (DPOS). It is a pure implementation of the core DPOS protocol without the application-specific functionality of the many profitable DACs that will be built on top of it. In this way, PTS is the foundation layer of the BitShares ecosystem.

  • openness - PTS is not only open-source, but also open strategy. PTS promotes open development and contribution to the BitShares platform by third party developers and investors. At the same time, PTS is agnostic to the features, technology, and business strategy of any particular DAC that is built on top of it. PTS is the Switzerland of DACs.

  • collaboration - PTS will be built with extensibility and collaboration in mind. In addition to serving as the common core of profitable DACs, PTS will also serve as a launching pad and resource for developers of new DACs. In this way, any contribution to PTS is a contribution to the BitShares ecosystem. The mantra of PTS is: easy-to-use, easy-to-build, and easy-to-fork.

  • stability - PTS is a stable, non-inflationary, and fairly distributed token. PTS is not a business and is not designed with the objective of maximizing profit. As the business environment changes, application-specific DACs will have to evolve to maintain their competitive advantage. PTS may also evolve, but only with a slow and steady hand that serves the interest of PTS holders and these core values.