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Command line tools for Nepomuk, written in Python
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Command line tools for Nepomuk written in Python


You will need the python bindings for Soprano and Nepomuk.

On openSUSE, these can be installed using the following command: sudo zypper install python-kde4-soprano python-kde4-nepomuk


Getting the list of known tags

./ -l

Displaying the properties of files

./ /home/vincent/Pictures/PictureOfMyself.jpg

will show

======== /home/vincent/Pictures/PictureOfMyself.jpg
hasTag              : "Vincent", "Travel"
description         : A picture of myself while travelling in the mountain
created             : 2013-01-20T11:40:17.872Z
url                 : /home/vincent/Pictures/PictureOfMyself.jpg
lastModified        : 2013-01-20T11:40:17.895Z

Getting a list of all files with a given tag

./ -t Travel

Getting a list of files matching a nepomuk query

./ -q "hasTag:Vincent AND hasTag:Travel"
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