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A game I made for MiniLD #33

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Node Reviver

Node Reviver was developed by Vincent Petry <> for MiniLD #33.

This game was written in Python and uses Pygame.


- Pygame
- To run on Maemo (Nokia N900), requires python-simplejson


To start the game, simply run


If using a mobile device without keyboard, you can enable touch screen
support and fullscreen mode by adding this:

./ --controls --fullscreen

Game Rules

You are a node reviver, your job is to reconnect nodes that have lost their
connections to each other. Move from node to node using the arrow keys.
The connections between nodes will become active once you've passed over them.
The goal is to activate all connections to finish the level.
Note that you can only move when standing on a node, so you need to plan your
moves accordingly, especially when drones are around.

There are two types of drone:
- orange drone: just wanders around
- red drone: follows you using the shortest path

Have fun!

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