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Application dedicated to HAM amateur radios allowing for frames collection and upload to webapp.


Builds (freezes)

Binaries for supported platforms are available to download on Binaries contain also freezed GNURadio Companion (GRC) flow graphs. It's strongly recommended to use these binaries.

More help on the operation of application can be found in Wiki:

More details about architecture

In fact, the software comprises two parts:

  • main application - functions like: showing main window, frames list, receiving frames via ZMQ, having buttons to run external binaries with GRC part: signal sources/SDR, demodulator etc.
  • GnuRadio Companion part - signal source: SDRs, IQ files, demodulator/decoder - always freezed as binary

This repo itself does not contain GRC part - running file one can use all functionalities but Signal source and Demodulator.

Usage (with your Python interpreter and GnuRadio Companion)

Main application

Just run file via Python 2.6 interpreter.

GnuRadio part

Run selected flow charts from repository in GnuRadio Companion:

  • downlink.grc is "Run demodulator" option from main application
  • a directory sources contains

Out-of-tree GRC block you can find in a repository and

How to build binary

Linux (tested on Ubuntu 16.04 - 18.04)

  1. Install GRC so you can run everything in repository
  2. Install all python dependencies so you can run Main application from this repository (try file)
  3. Clone repository
  4. Clone repository
  5. Adjust non-relative paths in these two files: and
  6. Correct paths to GSControl repository and HAM-desktop-application repositories in file
  7. Run file from this repository. At the end of building process the application should be ready (in zip also).


Application dedicated to HAM amateur radios allowing for PW-Sat2 satellite frames collection and upload to webapp




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