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Quick Start Guide

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Quick Start Guide describes in general a path that one has to go through to contribute to the PW-Sat2 project (i.e receive signal and upload decoded frames to cloud service). For more details follow links in the Quick Start Guide or find detailed descriptions and instructions in Receiving Guide.

Quick Start Guide

  1. Create an account (sign up) and then (sign in) on our service dedicated for radio amateurs.

  2. Download PW-Sat2 Ground Station Desktop Application for your platform and install/run it.

  3. Download credentials for your account and load them in the desktop application (Account section).

  4. Make sure that you have installed all needed drivers for your SDR receiver if needed (e.g. Funcube Pro+ should work out of the box, see details in next step).

  5. Take care of Doppler shift compensation.

  6. Run selected Signal source in Ground Station Application. Keep signal source window open so it can deliver I/Q data to demodulator. Go to next step.

  7. Run Demodulator - choose symbol rate (see how to determine current symbol rate). Keep demodulator window open so it can decode I/Q data and deliver decoded frames to main window. Go to next step.

  8. Decoded frames should appear in frames list in main window.

  9. By default received frames will be uploaded to cloud. Each uploaded frame has its own UUID - click a link to view frame in the cloud. Telemetry frames are automatically decoded on server (cloud) side.

Video Guides

[Available soon]


  1. Check logs in logs directory
  2. Run application in terminal to see debug output
  3. Try to run application with super-user privileges (for instance if it's needed to access SDR resources)
  4. Look for similar problems and solutions in issues or add an issue in this repository.

Check troubleshooting page.

Application screenshots

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